We have curated events and exhibitions, published books and produced short films for a variety of clients.
Our skill-set covers events, PR, branding, design and creation of fully integrated marketing campaigns.
Our commercial work for international brands helps us fund our less lucrative projects,
which allows us to experiment with interactive design, new media and contemporary communication.



Kult was invited by creative agency BBH Asia Pacific to curate and commission a selection of Thai artists and illustrators to each take on a pair of Nike Air Max from the history of the shoe. Artworks coming soon.

Urban Artery - Singapore River Festival

Exhibition Curation

As part of Singapore River Festival's 50th Anniversary, Kult was invited to create a fringe exhibition called 'Urban Artery'. This took place in a historic alleyway close to Circular Rd and the Singapore River. 30 Artists were invited to create artworks inspired by the theme of 'Water'. Everything from Sea Creatures to Conceptual Works and interventions were created and showcased for 10 days during the festival. See some images form the exhibition here:


Content Creation / Publishing

In collaboration with advertising agency Y&R, we have been driving a social media content platform for Caltex. Inviting people to blog about their journeys and share them online and offline in the form of zines. These journeys are designed to inspire and offer insights into Asian cities such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines. To support the website "Fuel my City" Kult has created a collection of Limited Edition Merchandise which can be claimed by interacting with the Platform. Visit the website here: #fuelmycity

Timeless Shape of Happiness

Curation / Experience

Created in collaboration with creative agency 'Arcade', Kult curated 6 artworks from around Asia which illustrated the history of "The Timeless Shape of Happiness". Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong & Australia each created an artwork, which you can see here:

NYC SHINE- Arts Festival

Curation / Experience

We were invited by Singapore based EventsArtery to curate a series of art installations to engage the public. We invited some amazing collectives such as OIC, Vertical Submarine and Band of Doodlers. These immersive installations involved GIF projections, Magic Mirrors and our very own Super Pyramids. You can see some of the event photos here:

Girls Of The Underworld

Exhibition Concept / Execution

Kult Gallery presented ‘Girls of the Underworld’, a group show that examines what it means to be female in contemporary Asia, from the perspective of young female artists. We invited 37 Singapore-based female artists to create a new piece of work that captures their perspective on living and working in fast-paced modern Asia. Artists were given freedom to create their work using various mediums, such as painting, drawing, silkscreening, collaging, and even animated GIFs as a form of artistic conversation.


See the artworks here

See photos from the event here


Content Creation

Kult collaborated with Nike to commission a series of artworks inspired by the sensory experience of football. Select artworks were showcased at ‘Hypersense: The Art & Science of Modern Football’, a 10 day interactive show that highlights Nike Football innovations over 20 years.


Held at the prestigious ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the multi-media exhibition ran from 10 – 18 May 2014.


Click here to view artworks from the magazine


Concept / Execution / PR

We created a luxury pop-up shop at the heart of Orchard road inspired by the the new ‘Marc de Champagne’ flavoured ice cream. 3,000 champagne flutes lined the space where guests could indulge in exclusive Marc de Champagne ice cream macaroons.


See the video here


Content Creation / Event Curation / PR

We invited 20 artists from Asia Pacific’s most vibrant cities to visualize the pulse of the streets in their city. The content was made into a toolkit that contained a series of on and off-trade execution ideas as well as analogue and digital ideas to engage consumers.


See the artworks here

Watch the video here


Content Creation / Event Curation / PR

We invited 10 photographers and 10 artists from East and West to create a virtual graffiti tour of Asian cities. This content was applied across a series of animations, collateral, merchandise and event ideas.


See the artworks here

Watch the video here


Content Creation / Event Curation / PR

We invited 10 music producers from cities across Asia Pacific to create a soundtrack that captures the energy of the streets in their city. After, we gave the soundtracks to artists from each of the respective cities to create an album artwork to accompany the track. The content was made into a detailed PR and Event toolkit.


See the artworks here.


Content Creation / Event Curation

We invited 14 artists from East and West to create a neon artwork inspired by Asia. The content was made into toolkits containing event execution, marketing and amplification ideas and guidelines.


Watch the video here.

Kingbrown Magazine Issue #9 Launch @ Kult Gallery

Event Execution / Exhibition

Kult Gallery curated and hosted the exhibition and official launch party for Kingbrown magazine to celebrate its 9th issue. The show features the likes of California-based professional skateboarder/contemporary artist, Ed Templeton, UNGA from Broken Fingaz, Israel's best-known graffiti crew as well as a host of Singaporean artists including Clogtwo, Kristal Melson and Eric Foenander.

View photos from the launch here
Buy the artworks here

Unbreakable Exhibition @ the ICA Gallery

Exhibition Concept / Execution

 We come into the world with great expectations. But reality is often a different story. The only response is to be resilient, to persevere. In a word, to be Unbreakable. 50 artists from around the world were invited to visualize the theme of Unbreakable. Held at the ICA Gallery, Lasalle, this exhibition and fashion line is a result of that research.
 View photos from the exhibition here
 Go to the Unbreakable website here

House of Häagen-Dazs Launch

Event Concept / Execution / PR

Kult was engaged to launch ‘House of Haagen-Dazs’, a new TVC driven campaign by Haagen-Dazs Global to establish a luxury positioning for the brand in the same line as a fashion house. Inspired by elements from the TVC, we created a luxury experience for media and bloggers that encapsulates the Haagen-Dazs values of craftsmanship, innovation and quality.

Watch the video here

Kult Books Exhibition


We asked over 50 designers, artists, illustrators and photographers to choose a book which is precious to them. A book which has influenced them and shaped who they are today.
They have redesigned their chosen books to bring them back to the front of our minds. To inspire you and get you to pick up a book.

This five part walking exhibition is based around the historic district of Tiong Bahru in Singapore. Featuring artists and designers from around the world who are pioneering visual culture & communication, this collection of work is designed to open new doors...

Locations: Flock Cafe, Po Tea To, The Orange Thimble, Flea & Trees, Coq & Balls

The Perfect Drug ®


Australian Pop Artist Ben Frost presents an exhibition of new artworks exploring our society's obsession and relationship with mass-consumerism. Painting directly onto fast food and pharmaceutical packaging, Frost asks us to look twice at the products we have grown to love - and also grown an addiction for.

Feb 21st - March 18th 2013

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Brand Creation

Unbreakable is a new in-house streetwear label, created by design studio Kult in collaboration with ad agency DDB.
 This is about style as well as substance: while the clothes are designed to appeal to a young target audience, they also come with an inbuilt message.
 And we mean that literally – it’s even sewn into the labels. And the message is this:

The kids are not as ‘soft’ as they’re made out to be.

Visit the website here


Event Concept / Execution

Kult threw a party for the loyal community of Threadless fans in Singapore. An exhibition of Threadless t-shirts and artworks from their Singaporean designers was on display. The 2000+ guests could get their tees specially screen printed by Hit & Run or play ping pong on the lawn while being entertained by music from the FFF Girls DJ Bootcamp. Photos here

Tiger Translate Mongolia

Event Concept / Event Curation / Global PR

Kult co-ordinated the latest mega sculpture by New York street art collective FAILE as part of a project by Tiger Translate and the Mongolian Arts Council. It is the first US-Mongolian collaboration of this nature. FAILE worked with local artisan Batmunkh to create the 5m fiber glass creation that was unveiled in October 2012 at the Mongolian National Garden Park, a new 1650 acre project in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. ‘Wolf Within’ is created in conjunction with the global Tiger Translate initiative that aims to uncover the best emerging creative talents across Asia and provide them with opportunities to collaborate with their more established Western counterparts. Photos here.

W Hotel Opening Reception

Event Concept / Execution

Kult was asked to add extra voodoo to the latest opening of the W Hotel Singapore at the luxurious Sentosa Cove, which had the region’s hottest VIPs and opinion leaders in attendance. Kult presented unique acts such as the infinitely cool Suitman with his live photographic installation and Wrecking Crew Orchestra who blew the crowd away with their live LED dance show. Also onsite was the live screen-printing of the W Hotel party goodie bags and gifts.

W Insider Video Series

Art Direction / Production

To generate buzz prior to the opening of the new W Hotel on Sentosa Cove, Kult curated, directed and produced a series of short films to give an alternative insight into Singapore through the eyes of local opinion leaders in fashion, music and design. The series of five films will be used as promotional and in-room content. Watch the videos here.

Tiger Translate Cambodia

Event Concept / Event Curation / Global PR

3,000 Cambodian youths attended the second Tiger Translate event which was hosted at the historic Phnom Penh railway station. Kult invited pioneering Israeli street art crew Broken Fingaz and Australian hip-hop trio Astronomy Class to headline the event and collaborate with local artists. Generating a reach of over 35million, Kult also secured an article in The Guardian (print and website) about the event. Click here to watch the video.

Nixon Art Mosh 2011

Event Curation / Execution

Following a hugely successful and blogged about event last year, Kult curated and hosted Singapore’s second Nixon Art Mosh. The work of 28 multi-disciplinary artists were exhibited in a one night only show featuring some of the finest underground artists in Singapore. The event was once again a huge success with over 1,000 guests and over 30 artworks sold.

See the photos here
Watch the video here

Reebok Classic Workout Shoe 25th Anniversary Launch Party

Event Concept / Execution

Kult was engaged to host the ‘Reebok Classic Workout Shoe 25th Anniversary party’, where 15 global shoe retailers’ interpretation of the Workout shoe were showcased.Singapore’s offering by Limited Edt, drew its inspiration from the 1986 Tiger Beer bottle. Hence, the theme for the night was the loud funky 80’s. This included aerobic dancers, a Tikam Tikam wall, 80’s album cover artwork, games, photo booths and a Reebok Fall/Winter merchandise room for exclusive viewing of their upcoming collection.

Tiger Translate Universe Toolkit

Content Generation / Media Engagement

Since 2006, Kult has curated over 200 Tiger inspired artworks and animations from Asia’s leading artists and facilitated a series of East West collaborations. To celebrate Tiger’s journey, Kult invited 7 judges from leading media to identify the best works from the entire Tiger Translate collection. We invited Creative Review, IdN, Computer Arts, Coolhunting and Hypebeast to judge what made up the Tiger Translate Universe.

Click here to see them.

Tiger Translate Beijing

Event Curation

Tiger Translate Beijing was Tiger China’s largest scale event. Curated around the theme ‘Metropolis’, the event saw six bands from across China compete for a residency contract in a club in Singapore. Kult invited local and international street artists to collaborate live on a series of sky-scraper tower blocks, using UV markers. At the same time, digital artists participated in ‘Double Vision’ – live drawing on photographs of Asian cities. Kult also oversaw the filming of the event and seeding of event video.
Click here to see more.

Facebook Launch Party

Event Concept / Execution

Kult was engaged to run the launch of Facebook’s new Singapore based regional head office. The target was senior client and members of the creative and media industry, and the brief was to create an event experience that would immerse them in the world of Facebook. The event was on the evening of the Spikes awards – known for the vast number of award parties that are hosted by companies across Singapore.

Tiger Translate Hanoi

Event Curation

Tiger Translate Hanoi hosted a 1,000-audience street party that took place in the Old Quarter. Kult curated the live art portion of the event using the theme ‘Growth’. We created giant plywood trees that lined the street, on which 8 artists customized the trees in front of a live audience. From the West, JabaOne (Columbia) and collective Prefab 77 (UK) fused their styles with Hanoians Linkfish, Hoang Art, Dung Joon and Pham Huy Thong. We also invited Coolhunting and IdN to join us.

Watch video

Lacoste in Motion L.12.12

Content Creation / Event Curation / Global PR

Lacoste has been hosting a series of events across the world to celebrate the iconic L.12.12 polo shirt. Kult was tasked with conceptualizing and running the Singapore leg of the tour. For the first time in the 78-year history of the brand, a series of 12 digital films that interpret the DNA of the classic polo shirt were created. This content formed the basis of a global digital PR campaign and an exclusive media & VIP event.

Watch video

Kult x KIN Interactive Window Display


Kult took art out of the printed page and delivered the magazine as an interactive experience, by using UBIQ technology to create a giant multi-touch window display.

Watch video

Nixon Art Mosh


As part of an ongoing series of global events Kult is throwing the next Nixon Art Mosh in Singapore. The Art Mosh is an eclectic mix of art, music, and design in a pop up show. The Art Mosh exhibits a collection of some of our favorite photographers, artists and filmmakers coming together for one night, under one roof, for one hell of a good time. More here.


Campaign Creation

Kult conceptualised a revitalising VJ Hunt for MTV, rehashing the age-old talent search with a refreshing online approach. By conducting a thorough internet trawl – scanning through social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites and the networks of key youth influencers – Kult uncovered personalities that were representative of a new generation of viewers. Contestants then fought for public votes through a series of online video challenges, all housed on a specially designed interactive website.

Killaballa - The Uprising

Event Curation / Execution

Now in its third year, Killaballa is not just a freestyle football tournament. It’s also a movement shaped by the evolution of a modern myth – the Killaballa (Sanskrit for "Force") – an invention crafted and packaged by kult. Killaballa has brought international freestyle champions such as Sean Player, Wass Ben, Gaultier Fayolle and Abbas Farid to Singapore, inspiring the local freestyle football scene and rattling The Cage. Singapore’s No. 1 freestyler Azri was also discovered at a Killaballa event.

Tiger Translate - Metropolis

Content Creation

Tiger Translate is Tiger Beer’s global platform to highlight Asia’s brightest creative’s and facilitate collaboration with Western visionaries through a series of events and exhibitions. The Kult team conceptualized the platform in 2005 and has been curating the global content ever since. For each themed toolkit, we commission the content and guidelines for local markets to run their own events. The latest toolkit is themed Metropolis.

If you would like to know more about Tiger Translate and its ever growing following, please visit the website.

Holiday Inn™

Event Curation

How do we tell Singapore that Holiday Inn is changing the Holiday Inn experience all over the world? We simply let them experience the change for themselves, in the middle of Raffles Place!
Click here to check out the video.

Yahoo! Big Idea Chair™

Campaign Creation

The Big Idea Chair is the Yahoo! way of recognizing the most effective campaign and the agency that conceptualized it, with online being a key component. In late 2009, Kult was commissioned to create an exclusive premium for some of the world’s brightest creative minds who would be in Singapore for the Effies. The premium needed to inspire and provoke thinking. The solution, The Purple Book. A publication of work from Asia’s emerging young illustrators who were inspired by the Purple Chair and what it represents.

Yahoo! Purple Hunt

Campaign Creation

Yahoo! Approached Kult to conceptualise a series of on-ground events in Manila to complement the online portion of the Purple Hunt campaign. The objective was to associate the colour purple to Yahoo’s fun brand personality. We designed a tour of key shopping malls in Manila and a grand finale event filled with engaging activities to allow young Filipinos to live and breathe the purple personality. Check out the video here.

Yahoo! Scooter Jam

Content Creation

We devised the biggest ever Scooter event that Ho Chi Minh City has ever seen. Hundreds of young people turned up with their pimped out scooter to enter Yahoo! Scooter Jam competition. Check out the video here.